Photos on ceramic

Photos on ceramic

Photos on ceramic plaques are produced using specific ceramic paints. This way of creating gravestone photography ensures the durability and high quality of the image.

Shapes and sizes we offer

What are the requirements for the photo to be made into a photoceramic?

Send us the photo in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .bmp, .png

The higher quality of the photo, the better end result will be. Please, keep in mind that a small photo stretched out to fit the bigger porcelain size may be not enough to reach your satisfaction level. If you would like to create a photoceramic of a bigger size, provide us with a high quality image. If you have the photo in print, do not hesitate to send it to us via post. We send back all the original photos with the shipment of the produced photoceramic.

Shapes and sizes of photoceramics

Opal Fotoceramika offers a wide range of shapes and sizes of photos on ceramic and crystal. You can find all of our products in the gallery: Gallery - Shapes. It is intuitive and simple to use while sorting through different categories.

The most popular shapes and oval and rectangular. Our best seller is oval in the size 7x10 and 8x11.

Prices of photos on porcelain plaques

Porcelain plaques are available on the spot. All of the specific prices can be calculated in our order creator: order form

The default prices and gross prices for individual consumers.

The prices for the cooperating companies can be obtained by logging in to our system with the company information. If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Creating an order

To order a photoceramic you can choose one of the following:

- order creator on our website (preferable)

- order via mail

- order via post (our address information)

If you decide to send the order via post or mail, please make sure you provide us with the following information:

- shape of the chosen ceramic

- size

- colour (black&white, colour, sephia, coloured black&white)

- whether you would like to add a golden or silver strip around the photo (default photoceramic has a white edge)

- background change

- clothing change

- profile change (mirrored)

Where to send the original photo and order information:

 ul.Lema 12, 20-446 Lublin 

How to adhere the photoceramic to the gravestone?

The recommended way of adhering the plaque to the headstone is to use the special montage silicone. For individual clients we add a free silicone tube to each order. For cooperating companies we add a free silicone tube to each order of photoceramic in colour. 

Video tutorial: How to adhere the photoceramic to the gravestone?

Montage manual in short written form:

1. Surface needs to be clean and dry. Make sure it is not greasy.

2. Apply silicone and smooth it out. You can use your finger or any other tool or brush.

3. Make sure there are no gaps in the silicone (if water can get under the porcelain, it can break it while expanding in cold).

4. Apply the photoceramic to the headstone and press for a few seconds.

5. Clean the edges for the excess silicone.

6. The adhesive starts drying in about 5 minutes.