This offer is aimed at companies and workshops that would like to cooperate with us to expand their portfolio with photoceramics. Please, contact us providing us with your address to receive the pricelist and the advertising photoceramic in colour.
The photographs that are to be transfered onto the ceramic can be:

  • sent via post (registered letter)
  • or via email. In this case, please scan the photograph with 300 dpi resolution to the chosen size of the ceramic (for example: 8x11 cm) and save it as a *.jpg file.
  • the order form posted on our website.

We send back the photoceramic with the original photo - cash on delivery.

We pride ourselves to be the first company in the country to product the photoceramic in colour and currently, to our best knowledge, we are the only company in Poland to produce the porcelains with the worlds standard. However, we would like to draw you attention to the fact that the photoceramic is just the reproduction and the quality depends on the photography used to produce the final ceramic.

In many cases amateur photos are suitable to be used as the input for the photoceramic in colour. We kindy ask you to accept from your clients, if only possible, professional photographs taken in photostudios (ID, passport photos).

We provide the satisfaction guarantee that consists of the total refund for the photoceramics that did not meet your satisfaction after sending them back to us.
To verify and confirm the highest quality of the photoceramics we offer - as the only photoceramic company in Poland - we commissioned the durability tests in Glass and Ceramic Institute in Warsaw. We are pleased to inform you that our products passed all the tests (thermic shock, resistance to frost, absorption, fracture). This means that our products are fully resistant to the atmospherical conditions.

If you are interested
in expanding your portfolio with the photoceramic in colour, we invite you to contact us in order to provide us with your address and NIP (taxpayer identification number). This way you will receive the detailed information about the cooperation with us and also free of charge advertising photoceramic in colour with the exhibition stand.